How to Unblock Youtube At School

unblock youtubeMajority of the students are deprived of accessing social and media streaming websites such as YouTube in schools, colleges and universities. This is because of the filters, firewalls and browsing restrictions applied by network administrators of the academic institutions. It can be a lot annoying as you are devoid of your favorite videos and latest updates about your folks.

Well, the ultimate solution to this problem is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) software, that lets you watch your preferred videos on YouTube, without being caught by school authorities. Bypsassing the local network restrictions and  filters, a VPN software unblocks YouTube and enables you to access it.

How Does VPN Software Unblocks YouTube?

In the words of laymen, a VPN basically creates an untraceable link between your device and the Web, thus keeping your identity secret from others. However, to understand its working to more depth, lets have a look here.

Network administrators blocks users from accessing YouTube by identifying their IP address. This simply means that if you are trying to browse YouTube using the IP of  your institute’s WiFi, then authorities in your school will block you from doing so.

To eradicate the problem, VPN service providers have their servers in different countries across the globe. This is because a VPN allocates the user with a new IP address of a country where there is no restriction on YouTube browsing.

For instance, you are sitting in Japan trying to access YouTube, but your country restricts browsing the same then using the IP of US, you can easily do so. This linking is provided by the use of a technology called tunneling, which makes use of protocols such as L2TP, PPTP, etc. to link two different networks to a public network.

Is VPN Safe to Use?

The reason so as to why VPNs are gaining huge momentum is because these offer us a legitimate way to bypass network restrictions and offers security, as well. Protection of transmitted data is done through encryption which makes use of the aforesaid VPN protocols, offering different levels of security.

VPN Security

In simple words, a VPN service securely disguises you behind a new IP and helps you in connecting Internet, without revealing your true identity.

Overall, a VPN:

  • Offers anonymity through new IP allocation
  • Enables you to access blocked websites
  • Secures your web activities through data encryption
  • Easily bypasses proxies and firewalls
  • Protects you from being hacked or spied by anyone on the Web

How to Use VPN?

To get started, you just need to purchase a VPN software from a reliable VPN service provider and get it installed on the computer. By logging into your VPN account, you will be connected to the Internet but with the IP of your service provider. Most of the VPNs are compatible with Windows, MAC and mobile devices.

These days, there are several VPN providers available on internet, offering free and paid VPN software to users. According to your requirements, you can choose a service and browse your favorite websites without any worry!


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