How To Hide IP Address?

hide ip addressThe anonymity factor stays the main motive behind “hide IP address” softwares and apps. People don’t like getting traced by anybody, be it law enforcement agencies, government, websites which collect data, advertisers and so on! Not only normal internet users, but people who work for special forces, say for example Detectives & Undercover agents (who need to cover up any of their traces) have to maintain their online anonymity. But how do they do that? How does one maintain their online anonymity without compromising access to internet? If you want to know more about it, then keep on reading…

How To Be Anonymous On Internet?

Online anonymity is effectively achieved by making sure that one’s IP address is hidden. This brings you to the next big question, i.e. How To Hide the IP address? This concept has picked up pace due to the awareness among the internet users.

3 Best Ways To Hide IP Address

There are several options to hide the IP address, but we won’t be focusing on the irrelevant and insignificant one’s. Out of the 3 ways to hide the system’s IP address, using a Web Proxy Server is quite common, proxy configurations and VPN services being the unfamiliar one’s. Lets know more about these:

3.) Hide IP Address Through Web Browser Proxy Configurations

Since we are talking about the web browser proxy configurations, it means that the web browsers we use on daily basis have the option to change the IP address in their advanced settings options. Be it Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox, all these browsers support the option to configure the proxy settings. Simply hop on to the advanced settings options of the respective browsers, followed by the network option – this is where you will get the browser proxy configuration privilege. Change the settings and you are good to go!

2.) Hide IP Address Via Web Proxy Server

Web Proxy Server is basically an intermediary server that takes your request (you being the client) and forwards it to the requested server. The requested server answers all your queries, forwards them to the web proxy server and then it sends you the results. You can think of it as a third party handler, which manages your requests. Now there are many kinds of web proxy servers such as:

  • Anonymous Proxy
  • Transparent Proxy
  • High Anonymity Proxy
  • CGI Proxy (Common Gateway Interface)
  • Distorting Proxy

Web proxy servers might not turnout to be the infallible solution to hide the IP address of any web enabled device, instead it plays the role of a filter and/or controls the internet content. Moreover it might not notify the internet user about any potential threat, such as malware or viruses, and bothers least to secure your data.

1.) Hide IP Address Through A VPN Software

When it comes to maintaining one’s anonymity (in addition to other security benefits!) a VPN Software is a reliable and unbeatable solution. It’s flawlessness in providing you online anonymity lies in the fact that your original IP address gets switched by another IP address (belonging to the VPN’s server). This new IP address has all the privileges of accessing internet and all kinds of content freely. Not only you browse internet privately but all your activities get secured; which means your data, as well as the data the flows to and from your system gets protected.

A VPN software excels in providing data security, unrestricted access to all websites, defends your system against all sorts of internet based threats, and most importantly – Lets you substitute your IP address, thus maintaining your online obscurity!

These are the easiest and safest ways to access internet by changing/hiding the IP address of one’s system. Though there are many softwares and unreliable ways to do so, we don’t recommend you to take a risk, especially when it could compromise your protection!


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