Tricks to Bypass Youtube’s Regional Restrictions

Youtube Regional RestrictionsYou must have experienced it! While trying to open YouTube to watch your favorite videos, the message pops out “You do not have access permissions”  or “Access Denied”, spoiling all your excitement.

This happens because of the geographical restrictions applied by the network administrators. So it makes availability of certain YouTube videos in some specific regions only, like all the cable channels in US are accessible online through Internet, if the user is browsing from US.

Fortunately, there are some quick tricks that you can use to bypass YouTube restrictions, regardless of your current location. These tricks are actually different ways to access geo-restricted YouTube videos.

An added advantage is that you can use any of these tricks to access other blocked websites such as Facebook and audio content such as Pandora, as well. Ready to go? Let’s take a look:

Unblock YouTube

If you rarely face access problems because of geo-restrictions, then an easy way would be to use a website that allows you to drop the desired YouTube URL into their site and lets you access it straight away!

Unblock YouTube, as the name suggests, enables you to do so while allowing you to select the desired quality of video and the type of player you wish to use.

eShield VPN

Whether using Windows, Mac OS, or any other mobile OS like Android, iOS, eShield VPN service lets you browse almost all unblocked websites including YouTube and Facebook. eshield VPN is available for absolutely free download and can be installed on the required device.

While this Free VPN software offers data encryption, internet traffic compression, IP address hiding and secure WiFi access, its elite version offers ad blocking and other enhanced security features.


For those who face this problem of regional internet restriction frequently, ProxMate can be an optimal choice. It is a browser plugin, that runs and functions in the backend, unlocking all the videos by itself. This means that there minimal effort required by the user, as the software works by itself. The best part is that it works beyond unblocking YouTube videos, as it also  bypasses access restrictions on Hulu, pandora, MTV, etc.

To start with it, you can download the plugin directly from the website for chrome or from Firefox add-on library and install it. However, in case you wish to switch off this plugin, simply click the ProxMate button in your browser.


Each of the above mentioned services are different approaches to access blocked Youtube videos. Your choice of using any of these depends on your access to Youtube’s content.

So, Think, Try and Get it Done!


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