How To Unblock Games At School

unblock gaming websitesBow down to the man who invented games, in fact bow down to every single person who came up with different games! Hands down, games are THE best way to entertain one and keep’em busy. Irrespective of age or gender, people have been playing video games since the days of Pac-Man and still it continues. Be it candy-crush or Angry birds, today’s video games are insanely enjoyed by everyone.

However, it comes as a bummer when you realize that these stress relieving games have been blocked either at your office or school. Well of course they have been blocked for some reason – Yes! so that you don’t get diverted and make the most of your valuable time at school. Still, sometimes if you feel like you should be given the opportunity to relax and play games online, then just follow the tips mentioned in this article..

Why Are Games Blocked At School?

It is no rocket science to understand why games are blocked at school. Since many students get addicted to games (well they get addicted to almost anything that is trending in!), it causes a huge distraction in their learning process and productivity. Their addiction to games is the reason why games are blocked at school, especially the famous and specific one’s! Network admins simply block access to these games by putting up a filter, and that’s how you may find it difficult to access these games at school.

How To Unblock Games At School?

Unblocking games at school is fairly simple and one may try a few simple steps to get past these filters. For instance once may change DNS settings, but assuming you’re a student in school, you may not have the admin rights to change the settings. Anyhow, lets see the 3 effective ways to unblock games at school:

1. Modify Web Browser Settings

Accessing a blocked website can be quite easy, you just need to find the right way to do so. Try changing the web browser settings menu such as Google chrome, or you can even try accessing the website in Chrome’s Incognito window.

2. Access The Website’s Mobile Version

Most of the websites nowadays are responsive, which means they are mobile friendly and have mobile versions. Network admins often forget to block access to the mobile versions of the websites, therefore it becomes easy for anybody to try unblocking the gaming websites using the mobile address.

For example: Facebook’s standard url is, but you can also access it using

3. Use VPN Software

A VPN is nothing more than just a software that helps you cut down the unwanted filters and restrictions that have been set up so that you can unblock games at school easily. With VPN at your side, it becomes much more easy to anonymously browse internet after bypassing the internet restrictions.

These are the easiest three ways to unblock the websites and play games at school, however we do not encourage kids to jeopardize things and end up in Principal’s office. Just stay smart and browse safely!


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