A simple technique to unblock social sites

unblock social media

Being a teacher or employer, one does not want their employees or students to access social sites during their working hours as this will affect their task. They keep these sites inaccessible or blocked. Because this is the only way to keep them aside from these sites. Continue reading


How To Unblock Games At School

unblock gaming websitesBow down to the man who invented games, in fact bow down to every single person who came up with different games! Hands down, games are THE best way to entertain one and keep’em busy. Irrespective of age or gender, people have been playing video games since the days of Pac-Man and still it continues. Be it candy-crush or Angry birds, today’s video games are insanely enjoyed by everyone. Continue reading

A Review on Top 5 Free VPN Services For Unblocking Websites

vpn servicesThe onset of VPN technology has made it extremely easy to access blocked websites whether you are sitting in your office or on a move. The reason why VPN is a preferred choice among masses as compared to proxy services is because of the additional benefits offered by it. Continue reading

How To Hide IP Address?

hide ip addressThe anonymity factor stays the main motive behind “hide IP address” softwares and apps. People don’t like getting traced by anybody, be it law enforcement agencies, government, websites which collect data, advertisers and so on! Not only normal internet users, but people who work for special forces, say for example Detectives & Undercover agents (who need to cover up any of their traces) have to maintain their online anonymity. But how do they do that? How does one maintain their online anonymity without compromising access to internet? If you want to know more about it, then keep on reading… Continue reading

What is A VPN and How It Works?

what is vpnVirtual Private Network or simply VPN is a connection that ‘securely’ links two networks, such as a public network like Internet and a private network, like your home Internet. In simple words, it enables your personal computer to send and receive data in an encrypted form, across a  public network.

The reason why it called ‘virtual’ is because it protects the data through its virtual private network, over a physical public network. As far as the type of data is concerned, users can send and receive voice, video, texts, images and all other types of data. Continue reading

How to Unblock Youtube At School

unblock youtubeMajority of the students are deprived of accessing social and media streaming websites such as YouTube in schools, colleges and universities. This is because of the filters, firewalls and browsing restrictions applied by network administrators of the academic institutions. It can be a lot annoying as you are devoid of your favorite videos and latest updates about your folks. Continue reading